Annie Owens

Yee Naaldlooshi (Skinwalker)

Yee Naaldlooshi (Skinwalker) is a limited edition of forty intaglio prints, printed in two colors and produced from an original watercolor painting. Each print has been impressed onto Pescia fine art printmaking paper in Charbonnel inks and comes signed and numbered by the artist.

Annie Owens: Yee Naaldlooshi (Skinwalker)
Limited edition of 40, plus 5 Artist’s Proofs, 5 Printer’s Proofs, and 1 Bon à Tirer
Paper size: 18 ¼″ × 14″
Intaglio printed on Pescia Soft White 300 g/m² paper with Charbonnel inks
Embossed printer’s chop
Signed and numbered by the artist
Released on July 7th, 2015