James Jean


This edition of delicate miniature folding screens has been hand assembled from laser-cut, painted wooden pieces and features an intaglio print of an exclusive drawing by James Jean. Each print has been impressed onto a traditional and subtly translucent Japanese paper and signed, numbered and gocco-printed with an insignia by James.

The Prints
Printed from an exclusive and original James Jean drawing
Intaglio prints made from a solar etched plate
Printed on Kitakata rice paper
Hand signed and numbered by James
The Screen
Laser cut wood panels
Primed and lacquer painted semi-gloss black
Metal hinges
Additional Printed Matter
Original haiku by James Jean
Printed, signed, and numbered certificate of authenticity
The Edition
Released in April 2006
Print size is 8 ¾˝ × 17˝
Edition of 30
5 Printer’s proofs
4 Artist’s proofs
1 Bon à tirer