Kim Deitch

Mad Love & Eternal Love


Kim Deitch’s Mad Love and Eternal Love are released as the second project in our ongoing Portraits Series.

The Print
Printed from exclusive and original Kim Deitch drawings
Custom handmade paper by Twinrocker
Hand-printed in black ink
Debossed printer’s chop
Hand signed by Kim Deitch
The Portfolio
Thick book binder board with paper covered edges
Covers are litho printed, foil stamped and embossed
Solid brass hinges hold the two boards together
Interior pockets are die cut to hold the prints, have foil stamped titles and embossed corner details
Packets hold letterpressed stories, certificate of authenticity, and artists’ biographies.
The Stories, Biographies, and Certificate of Authenticity
Letterpressed in two colors on 100% cotton paper
Stories written, hand-lettered and drawn specially by Kim Deitch
Signed and numbered by the artist
The Edition
Released in July 2006
Print size: 4 ½˝ × 4 ½˝
Edition of 50
9 Printer’s proofs
5 Artist’s proofs
1 Bon à tirer