Scott Musgrove

Lesser Maori Mule


A taxonomical oddity and the second installment in our Single Print Series, this relief print has been impressed into a custom handmade paper. Each signed and numbered print comes mounted to a handcrafted frame of paper and board suitable for hanging on a wall or propping up on a flat surface.

The Prints
12˝ × 14˝
Printed from an exclusive and original Scott Musgrove drawing
Heavyweight custom handmade paper by Twinrocker
Handpressed in black ink
Debossed title and printer’s chop
Hand signed by Scott Musgrove
The Frame
15 ¾˝ × 17 ¾˝
Thick black laminated and die cut paperboard
Custom pattern stamped on front
Back has a custom designed pop-out easel
Frame can sit by itself, or be used as matting for framing
The Picture Corners
Custom designed corners are embossed and die cut
The Certificate of Authenticity
Gold foil stamped on heavy black paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
The Edition
Released in June 2005
Edition of 100
24 Printer’s proofs
10 Artist’s proofs
1 Bon à tirer