Travis Louie

Sarah & Emmett

Sarah & Emmett is a limited edition of fine art prints made from Travis Louie’s strange and wonderful painting of the same name. We printed the edition on custom hand-made Twinrocker paper with our Tackach intaglio press. The prints have been antiqued with walnut ink and watercolors, and specially debossed with a decorative pattern. The entire image area has been embossed into a subtle dome, imbuing it with dimension and polish. Each print has been signed, numbered, and exquisitely titled by Travis in graphite, and comes with a similarly signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The Edition
Released February 2012
Limited edition of 50 prints
10 Printer’s proofs
10 Artist’s proofs
1 Bon à tirer
The Print
Printed from an original, exclusive Travis Louie image
Paper size is 13˝ × 9 ½˝
Image size is 8˝ × 5 ½˝
Intaglio printed onto custom Twinrocker paper in sepia ink
Each print individually stained with gouache and walnut ink
Embossed dome over image area
Debossed decorative pattern surrounding image
Title hand-lettered by Travis
Embossed printer’s chop
Signed and numbered by the artist
Comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity