Parts with Appeal


This tantalizing set of six images has been printed in silver ink and lightly debossed into archival black paper. Three devil girls and a spark plug triptych make up the set, which comes in a slick, elaborate folder featuring many other large Coop images. Each print has been signed and numbered by Coop, and the set includes a title page and a signed colophon.

The edition
Released October 2004
Limited edition of 500 + 25 Studio proofs & 1 Bon à tirer
The portfolio exterior
Printed and stamped on thick 130 pound cover paper
Intricately die-cut pocket folder
Printed images made from 2 original Coop drawings
Custom printed with special silver and red ink mixes
Lightly debossed areas
Inside the portfolio
Custom printed devil girls in special silver ink mix
The prints
8˝ × 8˝
Printed images made from six original Coop drawings
130 pound black cover paper
Specially printed in silver and lightly debossed
The colophon
Biographies about Coop, Brad Keech, and Pressure Printing
Signed certificate of authenticity
Printed in 3 colors on 130 pound duplex paper
The title page
Printed in 3 colors on 130 pound duplex paper