Scott Musgrove



Mutations is an edition of rather squirrelly framed intaglio fine art prints featuring an image from Scott Musgrove.

Each print has been hand-stained, embossed, debossed and foil stamped and comes encased in an antiqued frame.

Scott Musgrove: Mutations
Limited edition of 30 + 5 Artist’s proofs, 5 Printer’s proofs, and 1 Bon à tirer
Released December, 2012
Print Size: 5 ¼˝ × 7 ½˝
Frame Size: 7 ¾˝ × 9 ⅞˝ × 2 ¼˝
Printed intaglio on Rives Heavyweight printmaking paper with Charbonnel inks
Hand stained in ink and gouache
Decoratively debossed, embossed, and foil stamped.
Signed, titled and numbered by the artist
Mounted in an antiqued frame under plexiglass
Comes with a custom-designed, perforated, signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity