Laurie Lee Brom

La Fee Verte

La Fee Verte is a print-in-a-bottle produced in conjunction with Baby Tattooville for their 2014 weekend extravaganza. Each bottle contains two prints which have been giclée printed and foil stamped in gold. The front print features original art by Laurie Lee Brom, and the back print features an embossed printer’s chop and has been signed and numbered by the artist. According to Lola Gil, “they’re filled with magic.”

Laurie Lee Brom: La Fee Verte
Edition of 45, plus 6 Artist’s Proofs and 1 Bon à Tirer
Print size: 4 ¼″ × 2 ⅞″
Bottle size: 7″ × 3 ½″ × 1 ⅛″
Giclée printed on specially made Japanese Kozo inkjet paper
Foil stamped in gold
Wax-sealed bottle
Signed and numbered by the artist
Released October 2014