Femke Hiemstra



Haniwa is an edition of specially embossed intaglio fine art prints, made exclusively from an original Femke Hiemstra drawing of the same name. Impressed onto custom made, handcrafted Twinrocker paper, each print has been signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Femke Hiemstra: Haniwa
Edition of 100 + 10 Artist’s proofs, 10 Printer’s proofs & 1 Bon à tirer
Print size: 12 ¾˝ × 8 ¾˝
Printed intaglio on custom Twinrocker paper with Charbonnel inks
Embossed with an illustrated title designed by the artist
Signed and numbered by the artist
Comes with a custom-designed, perforated, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity