KRK Ryden

Doggy Punchin’


Doggy Punchin’—the second print in a collaborative series with KRK—has been made from an original and exclusive drawing. The image has been relief-printed in two colors onto Rives BFK printmaking paper, and comes with a special pair of foil-stamped 3-D glasses to enhance the Doggy Punchin’ experience.

The Prints
Printed from an exclusive and original KRK Ryden drawing
Printed on Rives BFK cream printmaking paper
Handpressed in custom blue and red inks
Stamped title and printer’s chop
Hand signed and numbered by KRK Ryden
The Glasses
Special 3-D viewing glasses
Original KRK graphics foil stamped in red
The Certificate of Authenticity
Printed in two colors on heavy paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
The Edition
Released in June 2006
Print size is 12˝ × 14˝
Edition of 25
4 Printer’s proofs
5 Artist’s proofs
1 Bon à tirer