Mark Ryden

Dodecaedri Parva

Dodecaedri Parva is a limited edition of sculptures featuring a handcrafted wooden dodecahedron with images of iconography serigraphed onto each of the twelve sides. Twenty-five individual screen setups were used in the serigraph process. The dodecahedron is set upon a free-spinning custom-turned walnut base and comes encased in a glass dome etched with the work's title. Each sculpture is signed and numbered by Mark Ryden and comes with a letterpressed and embossed certificate of authenticity.

Mark Ryden: Dodecaedri Parva
Edition Size: 23 + 3 Artist’s Proofs, 3 Printer’s Proofs, and 1 Bon à Tirer
Dodecahedron Size: 6 ⅜″ × 6″ × 5 ¼″
Glass Dome Size: 12″ × 8″ × 8″
Released December, 2011