Daniel Martin Diaz

Soul of Science

Soul of Science, released alongside Atomic Man and Self-Aware System is a limited edition of intaglio prints created from Daniel Martin Diaz’s drawing of the same name.

Each print has been lovingly handprinted on a Takach etching press, hand-stained in tea and inks, signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Soul of Science
Limited edition of 25 + 4 Printer’s proofs + 4 Artist’s proofs, and 1 Bon à tirer
Released February 2013
Paper size: 12˝ × 16˝
Image size: 7 ½˝ × 9 ¾˝
Intaglio printed on Rives BFK printmaking paper with Charbonnel inks
Each print individually stained with tea, walnut ink, and black drawing inks.
Decorative chop embossed below image
Embossed printer's chop
Signed and numbered by Daniel Martin Diaz
Comes with a custom-designed, perforated, signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity